On Course Performance Lesson

How we perform on the course is how we judge ourselves as golfers. If you are looking to improve your consistency or get to the next level with your game this is an ideal option. On-course instruction will give the opportunity and time to observe your approach in every part of your game under the true test of playing.

You will learn and observe how to maximise your scoring potential through the art of course management whilst playing with PGA Professional Phil Edwards.

This will include a detailed hole by hole analysis/discussion after play to highlight any areas of inconsistency to clearly show you where you can improve. Improvement doesn’t always mean a change in the golf swing, sometimes it’s just a different approach.

A full personal development plan is available following this session at your request. T&C’s – Contact Me directly with your requirements before booking.

3hrs – £125 (Half day)

6hrs – £225 (Full day)

Gift vouchers available.